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Friday, 15 September 2017


Guys!!! it's here, we have been saved praise Jesus!. Rihanna's new beauty line has launched and the internet (me included) has gone crazy. Now a quick disclaimer I'm not one to jump on a hype waggon especially celebrity make up brands, because they're normally hard to get a hold of and they're always sold out. But then Rihanna comes along and all the rules are thrown out the window, first her campaign has the most diverse models I've ever seen ever second she launched with 40 foundation shade something that's unheard of in the beauty industry. The fact that she included such pale and dark shades is the main reason I bought these products, I don't even wear foundation but I felt it was important to support her brand. I decided to go for the gloss bomb luminizer in fenty glow and the killawatt freestyle highlighter in Trophy wife, both did not disappoint!

Killawatt highter: Trophy Wife

 Now this product was one of the most highly anticipated of the entire line, and as soon as I swatched it I realised why. Pigment, Pigment, Pigment! I have never seen colour pay off like this in a highlighter, when I bought this I had the sudden urge to book a holiday to Dubai and just be golden in the sun. What is great is how little product you need, this highlighter will last a VERY long time also the shimmer is beautiful on the whole eyelid not just the inner corner. This product truly lives up to the hype, if you're worried it won't match your skin tone I would suggest this as an eye shadow also they're more highlighters available Here .

Gloss Bomb Luminizer: Fenty Glow

Where do I start? colour: check, Applicator: check, Smell: check , everything about this gloss is perfect, I mean I've been living in liquid lipstick land for the last 2 years but thing are a changing!. The concept is meant to be a universal shade for every skin tone and after watching my 200th review on youtube it seems to be true. Its  just so effortless I mean for me I don't need lipliner with this gloss, I'm so used to using multiple products for 1 lip look but with this its just apply and go.

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Monday, 28 August 2017

Ootd : Summer Embroidery

Coat: Monki Top: New look Jeans: Topshop Bag: Topshop Boots: New look
Hope you are all well, So I'm back with an outfit post which consists of (mostly) items I found in the summer sales. This summer I've been blessed by having an performing job which allows me to travel the U.K so I've been able to check out all the sales in different cities. Whilst in Leeds I was lucky enough to bag these jeans for £30 from £59 ( yippee!) I've been dying for some high quality embroidered jeans but all the ones I found were quite expensive, so when I found these beauties I was over the moon. And the top was only £6 which was perfect because I've recently become obsessed with off the shoulder tops.
For me I usually don't have any luck with Topshop sales normally the size isn't right but this year Topshop has been good to me , really good to me I mean I could have done some serious damage but stayed strong because I knew impulse cheap buy doesn't always work. I've got to say the sales this year for me have been amazing there's so much sizes available and the pieces were very on trend and weather appropriate. Have you had much success with sales this year?
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Thursday, 25 May 2017

The ultimate face spray that you need to try

I can't watch a YouTube video without this product being mentioned, it's everywhere ! so I thought I should see what all the hype was about. I was really happy that I could get this from urban outfitters and I was over the moon when I saw it was only £7. It's so refreshing to see a hyped up product for under a tenner, especially when it actually works!. You can use this in multiply ways : setting spray, toner, cooling spray and to dampen your make up sponge/brush. The first thing that I found a surprise was that it adds moisture to the skin without being too oily or shiny. I've been using this daily and I must say it's a game changer, recently the weather has been quite hot and humid and this is the perfect pick me up for my skin. I love that its not too strong, it feels very gentle on my skin and so far my skin looks more hydrated and healthy. I would highly recommend this product and for the price you can't go wrong.

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